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Weathering Direct

Weathering Direct has provided calibrations, test method consultations, repairs, technical support, and custom-engineered solutions for weathering testing since 1987 in our state-of-the-art accredited accelerated weathering laboratory. Our decades in the field working in OEM authorized service and almost exclusively with weathering and exposure chambers of all types and at hundreds of different manufacturing sites created a unique set of skills for a dedicated weathering lab.

While our focus has been weathering chambers, our field experience suggested we add support equipment such as temperature-humidity cabinets, ovens, freezers, cc baths, and color and gloss measurements to provide time-sensitive post or mid-exposure evaluations or cycling.**

Weathering Direct combines quality workmanship, superior knowledge, and low prices to provide quality and personal service. Our experts have the  resources to ensure that your weather tests are  handled according to the required specifications and completed on time.



Weathering Direct

Weathering Direct offers a digital computer interface that displays real-time data from any lab instrument – during the actual test!

Our system provides technicians the ability to analyze, record, and log this data. Modules can be adapted to log ovens and temperature-humidity cabinets on available channels. Weathering Direct monitors all of our in-house jobs using this system, and we offer our complete system on a stand-alone computer capable of full integration with any platform.

Please contact us about how our NJICDAQ system may benefit you.

Weathering Direct Testing Services


Accelerated weathering material tests using water and air-cooled xenon arc weathering standards.  A flexible scope allows us to offer accreditation on most standards organization and manufacturer testing standards designed around these light sources providing the conditions are within the controllable range and are mutually consistent with instrument capabilities. We can modify the equipment quickly to meet spectral quality, spray volume, temperature, and humidity.

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The Sunshine Carbon Arc Standards test is also known as “open flame sunshine carbon arc,” the “Sunshine” carbon arc was modified in the 1950’s to take advantage of its somewhat close approximation of sunlight at a shorter UV range, but having 3-5 times the light in the longer UV and violet spectrum to accelerate color change.

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The enclosed carbon arc standards test is also known as “glove type” carbon arc, this lamp was used extensively as street lights and was the first light source used for “fading” tests in the 1920’s.

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These “black lights” are rich in UV and can reach well down below natural sunlight which can cause unnatural modes of failure not seen in the field, but are inexpensive to run and can give a good indication of materials performance in shorter exposure times. The “condensation” cycle, it is said, is more natural for some modes of failure than the “spray” used by other accelerated weathering equipment.

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Long-Term Stability Testing

Weathering Direct provides high volume, long term stablilty storage testing at controlled temperature and humidity. Personal Protective Equipment and personal products are the main use of these larger 500 cubic foot rooms, but it can reach 70C and 95%rh if necessary. Freeze / thaw and temperature / humidity cycling chambers are also available.

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Specimen Evaluations

Weathering Direct provide specimen evaluations at intervals for color, gloss, grayscale, adhesion, and microscope photos of surface quality. Color evaluations are accredited when using ASTM D2244 or ASTM E1331. Specular Gloss evaluations are accredited when using ASTM D253.

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Weathering Direct: QUALITY POLICY

Weathering Direct’s policy is to support our customer’s business by providing affordable weathering exposures and data in a manner that meets or exceeds all aspects of the required test method and complies with the quality and documentation requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 (2017.)

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